Whistle Punk?

The Whistle Punk Mens Grooming story began with the idea that men care about what is in the stuff they put on their face and body. Too many of the grooming products out there do more than just keep us looking good, and it ain't always pretty. The harsh chemicals in many shaving creams, beard oils, pomades and other products actually damage our skin.

We just wanted to be dangerously handsome without killing ourselves with chemicals like isopropyl, diethanolamine, monoethanolamine, pthalates and synthetic fragrances, so in 2014 we began making our own products in our kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee and Whistle Punk Mens Grooming Co was born.

We make premium quality grooming products in small batches with organic and all-natural ingredients.

We named the company Whistle Punk Mens Grooming Co as a nod the dangerously handsome lumberjacks of the golden age of logging. The living conditions were primitive, and the low-paying work was difficult, dangerous, and intermittent, but these men built a culture that celebrated strength, masculinity, confrontation with danger, and resistance to modernization. 

The division of labour in lumber camps led to several specialized jobs on logging crews, one of which was the whistle punk. The whistle punk's job was to sound a steam whistle as a signal to the yarder operator who controlled the movement of logs, and to act as a safety lookout. A good whistle punk had to be alert and think fast as the safety of the other men depended largely on him.

Today, Whistle Punk Mens Grooming Co is creating an ever-growing list of premium mens grooming products, still made in small batches on our kitchen table, and each one contains a little bit of the spirit of the dangerously handsome American Lumberjack.